Squash Academy of Penang

The first junior development program started back in the late 80’s with the existence of the Pepsi Squash Centre. The program started with a handful of players under the guidance of Miss Ee Phoeh Hoon who was attached to the centre. SRAP drove the development of a team of certified Level 1 Coaches to help promote and sustain the program. Through the years the program has seen a steady growth up till now.

In 2003, the Squash Academy of Penang was formed with the objective to provide a proper structure to continue to drive excellence in the junior development program. With it, the program was expanded to not only cover the state level juniors but also to cover outstation players, senior players, professional players and also international players as well. The training base continues to be at the squash centre which was then renamed Penang International Squash Centre.


  • To run the State Junior Development Program in an organized and structured manner.
  • To help provide a training base for aspiring juniors of all levels including those who plan to turn into professional players and new professional players.
  • To provide a conducive training environment for players.
  • To educate players on how and what squash is and its requirements at all levels. (Club, State, National and Professional)
  • To groom potential players to achieve world class standards through a systematic approach and proper planning.
  • To provide an identity and instill values in all players.
  • To establish a world-class performance program and run by a Malaysian group of coaches and experts.
  • To educate and provide coaches with the relevant skills and knowledge needed in the sport.

We provide

  • Quality Training Programs To All Level of Players
  • Sponsorship To Deserving Players
  • Local Competition (Minimal expenses to be borne by parents)
  • Equipments & T-shirts for Players & Coaches
  • Coordinator for MSN, Education Department, SRAM And Sponsors
  • Opportunity for University Selection & Career Advancement

There are currently 300 juniors under training every month at this centre with our coaches, Khoo Teng Hin, Aaron Soyza and other 10 part time coaches. Our former head coach Allan Soyza is now the national coach in SRAM. We are happy and proud to have many state level coaches contributing their time and effort to make our junior development program a success.

The program has resulted in a number of players who has achieved exceptional results. The most notable one which the academy is very proud of is Nicol David who went on to be the World Women’s Champion and is currently the world number 1 lady player. Others who have matured through the program include Allan Soyza, Aaron Soyza, and Khoo Teng Hin; all of them had represented the nation. Allan Soyza is now the current acting national head coach while Aaron Soyza is the current Squash Academy of Penang’s head coach. Khoo Teng Hin is currently the administrator and full time coach of the Academy.

Since then, the academy has attracted junior players from other countries like from Japan (namely Misaki Kobashi, current Japan Ladies Champion, Ryosei Kobayashi and Hayate Gunji), South Korea (namely Choi Yu Ra), India, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and China players who undergo training here either on a long term or short term basis. The academy also showcases the talents of hundreds of competitors from all over the world every year when SRAP host the Penang International Junior Squash Championships.

Future Goals

Penang Squash at the moment has a group of very talented players with the potential to become world-class players. Low Wee Wern is an example of an upcoming world class player currently training in the Academy. We would like to see these players fulfill their potential and do the nation and state proud by emulating or surpassing the achievements of Nicol David and Ong Beng Hee.

Penang Squash would also like to continue to be at the forefront of Malaysian squash and continue to unearth new talent to dominate the local competitions as well as overseas.

The ultimate goal is to be the first squash academy to produce a Malaysian world champion, made by the expertise of Malaysians with the facilities in Malaysia.

For more information, contact
Khoo Teng Hin